Ascension St Joseph Celebrates Nuclear Medicine Additions

The Nuclear Medicine Department at Ascension St. Joseph’s Hospital recently completed installation of some new state-of-the-art equipment and additions that will greatly enhance patient safety and comfort while providing greater diagnostic services and outcomes. 

The most significant upgrade was the complete renovation and installation of a new Radiographic and Fluoroscopic room. The new facility includes next-generation imaging technology, which not only increases patient safety by imaging with less radiation, but is also more comfortable and accessible, especially for patients with mobility challenges. 

Also renovated were the Nuclear Stress Lab, offering cardiovascular patients both physical and non-physical stress tests in a comfortable environment, and a new SPECT/CT scanner, a next-generation device that fuses the science of nuclear medicine and CT scanning in one. 

The new equipment and facility upgrades were blessed in a ceremony by Father Charles Donajkowski, pastor of Holy Family Church in East Tawas.